World Machine and Vue, Part 2

Now to add some depth to my scene.

You need to edit the terrain’s material, so under object properties, double click the texture.


Change it from Simple to Mixed Material, and the mapping to Object – Parametric. Map a simple color to each material to make it easy to see. The blue will be our flow maps and beige will be terrain. Edit the Distribution of the material, double click it to edit it or right click-edit.


Here under Texture map, select Projected Texture map and double click. Hook it up to Distribution node, drag from 1 node to the other. Choose “Greyscale” on pop-up.


Click on the Projected Texture node, and on bottom load in your Flow Map from World Machine. This is render with flow map applied to the textures.


Now you can swap out both texture to whatever material you’d like because the distribution is acting as a mask for your flow map.


Based on my angle I thought I’d add some clouds to drift over my scene. For this I wanted to add Meta-Clouds (volume clouds).


Meta-clouds are great since they are fully adjustable in the scene. You can easily position, rotate, and scale them.


The scene is really starting to take shape. I’ve duplicated my terrain and filled in the back corner. Adjusted my lighting. What if I change my materials on the terrain.





As you can see it’s very easy to change, add, and try multiple versions with Vue for your image’s final look. All of this took less than hour to generate.

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