World Machine and Vue, Part 1

Well, after about 2 weeks of not knowing what happened to my Cintiq, it just started working again. Just simple unplug, let it sit, and re-plug it.

So, since teaching a Vue class again, I’ve been wanting to mess around with it and World Machine some. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Here’s the filters I’m running in World Machine to generate a terrain.


Each of these node does a separate operation where I end up with an environment to my liking.


Perlin noise combines with the bottom node, Voronoi.


Which later on through many more nodes gets eroded into this.


Which then gets eroded but using Thermal erosion, then Coastal erosion.


This gets outputted as a height field, deposition map, and flow map which I’ll use in Vue.


In Vue, open a Standard Terrain and clear out it’s parameters.


Import the height map as an image file.


Which now looks like this in Vue.


I will work on this terrain in Vue adding materials, better lighting, and details using the flow and deposition maps as masks.
Stay tuned for next weeks update.

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