Houston, we have a problem…

Been having a little computer issues lately. I had to move some files on my cpu to my backup storage drives due to maxing out the hard drive already. Have to do more of a spring clean on it and really organize my files. Its on my list, like organizing my files for taxes. So we’ll see how that goes.

Sadly, I went to use my Cintiq this morning only for it just display a scary wall of black like the monolith of 2001. I tried disconnecting the cables, re-hooking them up, unplugging the power, rebooting and etc. Still just a wall of black. I get 1 flicker of an image of my desktop but can never reestablish the connection.  I’m calling Wacom this week, support is closed on the weekends.  Fingers crossed it’s fixable. If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate it.

Been having a blast back at DWA. Been getting a chance to mess with Mari while I’ve been back. Very fun and cool program. At home I’m messing with Vue and World Machine some more. I began teaching again today, while there one of the guys running the program told me about the “Activity Manager” on a Mac. This was pretty cool. I had never messed with this. It gives you an active rundown on CPU, Memory, Disk, Network usage.

I’m trying to get back on the saddle at home working on my own projects. I have a whole host of things I wanna do. Things are settling down now that the New Year/holiday and stuff are behind us.

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