Seasons Greetings…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Star Wars, the Force Awakens opened this past weekend with a flurry. Topping the box office opening weekend record! It makes me feel like a kid again to have the original cast back in this highly anticipated sequel.

We are four days away from Christmas and over a week away from the end of the  year. It is amazing how quickly it all went. Now is the time for seeing family and friends, wrapping up those last minute gifts and having a fond remembrance of times past.

This time of  year I love watching some of my fondest Christmas movies. My all time favorite is Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life!” This movie always gets me. It’s shows so expertly the people’s lives you’ve touched and how they’ve touched yours. A big thanks and yuletide cheer to everyone that I have been lucky enough to know over the years.

Have a very Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!

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