SpeedTree, Part 4 -odd and ends

Just a few little notes here. When outputting your mesh and materials, SpeedTree gives us a host of different methods and modes to output. Before you do that. You can select each component your will export and tweak it’s poly count by adjusting the “multiplier” node under the “LOD” tab. Most start out at a 1 but you can increase or decrease the poly count based on your need. Above your object you can see the quad count change.


If we up the Multiplier to 2. Now you can see we significantly up this branches resolution.


This can be done on all the various nodes you’ve added to your plant life. So you can quickly introduce levels of detail with this. Create a hero plant first, then scale down the multiplier to a lower amount for your need without sacrificing the look of the object. You can increase the “Optimization” level when at low LOD to help spread out less noticeable transitions between the segments.

Another means to add detail to your tree/plant is under the Branch tab, you can increase the number of Segments; by Length, Optimization, and Radial. Here I’ve reduced them down significantly to show how detail is brought in.


Increasing the “Length” property will add detail to the vertical aspects of the plant. The plant branch has increased it’s Quad to 10kk compared to 2k. With this the curvature of the plant has come back.


Radial will add detail to the horizontal area of the branch geometry. Now the branch has 31k quads.


Optimization like I mentioned above will try and interpet the curvature of the object and reduce it’s poly count. I’ve kept the Length and Radial the same but increased the Optimization with minimal change but you’ll see the Poly count is almost in half at just under 18k.


Another useful tip is when outputting your geometry if  you tree/plant has complex shader arrangement you can export only the active elements. You can “hide” the other nodes and just export the mesh you want. To hide, select the node and hit “h”.


Here’s the Stems only


Here’s the Level 1 part only


Now it just makes it easier when hooking up the different parts in Maya or whatever 3d party package of choice.

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