Next project…reviving an old idea

I like keeping my old sketches and ideas for projects handy. You never know if you’d like to revive them. One of mine that I’ve toyed with was something I put together during my grad school days which was the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. I wanted to come up with a story that would include them into it but yet show breadth of shots from various eras and locations. Here is the shot breakdown I drew many years ago.


I wrote up a storyline where you have the same character popping thru ancient Babylon, ancient Greece, NYC in 1930s, then finally ending on a space station in the Future. The idea for the story was in the future, people take vacations into the past.

I’ve been looking more possibly add The Lighthouse of Alexandria instead of Babylon.

Lighthouse-of-Alexandria the-pharos-lighthouse-at-alexandria2

I figured this could be very interesting piece to do, but the water might add some difficulty to it. Been really interested in this for a while.

Then there is the Temple of Zeus with the massive statue of Zeus


I had written this one into the original story line. It has lots of potential for camera angles, lighting, and being an interior piece would be very interesting to try. Plus this could a be great challenge for modeling and push my learning on how to model more complexly and use programs like Zbrush to help in this.

The challenge is how many pieces would I like to do? Do I want to try and take on this whole story idea or only do some random shots and see how far I can go? It would be lots of fun to shoot actors in costume and add footage to this. This is what I’m still wrestling with

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