Siggraph, DW lunch, and Sketching at NHM

Well, this was a great week in LA. From August 9-13th, at the LA Convention Center was 42nd SIGGRAPH conference. It’s an annual educational experience about the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. VFX and Animation studios show their latest work, talk tech, and do recruitment, along with vendors showing their latest and greatest tech. I went on Thursday and had a blast. I ran into various people and friends from DW, Chris Grun and Shadi.

Saw an amazing lecture from Blue Sky about their Peanuts movie, due out Nov 6th. A friend of mine from Graduate school, Scott Carroll, was an Animation Supervisor on it and was part of the panel. An amazing lecture on the various ways that the studio stayed as true to the comic strip and old classic animations. You can see the dedication and love on the screen as they explained the ins and outs of translating the comic panels to 3d.

Later on I went to another lecture for Marvel’s Ant-Man. This lecture was amazing as well. They dug deep into all the painstaking work to create a realistic macro world for when Ant-Man shrinks in size. In the end they had a dedicated Macro unit of about 40 people. If you haven’t seen this flick, I highly recommend it.

Friday was spent having lunch at DW and catching up with friends in the Matte Painting dept. I hadn’t seen them or been back on to the studio in many months. Adam Ely and Chris Grun asked if I wanted to join them this Sunday to sketch at the Natural History Museum. I jumped at chance to get some sketching in and met up with them for a fun morning of sketching and a quick lunch at USC campus. Here are some of the sketches

nhm_sketch_01 nhm_sketch_02 nhm_sketch_03 nhm_sketch_04

Which brings me to what I’m working on now which is an illustration piece. I was asked to join in a group art show later this year. It’s called “The Last Spookstore, A Horror Story Art show”, held at the awesome Last Bookstore in downtown LA. The show will be up for the month of October. I will be posting more info about the show as we get closer to the event. I am very honored to have been asked to join in and big thanks to Chris for recommending me.

They had a list of various books of horror to choose from and I was immediately drawn to William Hope Hodgson’s “The Ghost Pirates”. It’s an amazing story with great imagery. I dog-eared various passages that piqued my interest, settling onto one of the first sightings of a ghost pirate who seemingly comes up from the sea. I am busily working on this piece now and I will post progress on it in the coming weeks.

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