Work in Progress, Part 6

Fantasy Castle

This week was mostly trying to add more elements using the scene assembly methodology, which worked really well. Each of the mesa mountains now has grass/plant populations on them. I am still tweaking them but the results I’m seeing are very positive. What’s great is the level of polys in my scene are extremely high, but since I’m using instanced geometry with the scene assembly I’m getting very good results. I’m able to make quick changes to each section then open the master scene and render all elements together.

What I did work with was something called Mental Ray Proxies for the first time. Instead of eco-painting with my high res geo, I’ve created a low res/bounding box type of geo that I will paint with and see in my GUI but when I go to render it will be replaced the high resolution object and shader. This allows me to interactively paint quicker instances and seems to have the individual scene files load quicker as well. It’s pretty easy to use.

What I do first is make a simple bounding box shape of my tree.


Select the high res tree, and do a “File– Export Selection”.  Here you will select Mental Ray. In the drop down select “Render Proxy (Assembly)”. I try to name it same as my original obj but as proxy.


Now you select your Low Res object and under it’s shape node, click under Mental Ray, and click to open a file on “Render Proxy” field.


With your low res geometry still select do another “File—Export Selection” but this time you’ll stay a Maya file type, and same your low res object by itself with similar naming as your high res object.

Go into your Maya scene where you want to spPaint3d the object but now load the Low Res Only Object’s maya file. You’ll paint using the low res object, but when rendering you’ll file will access the high res geometry and shader.


That’s really it.

I’ve been tweaking some of my texture maps to add some grime and wear on my castle (still working on it) but you can see the trees I’ve added to the Castle along with the instanced geometry painted as Mental Ray Proxies on my other mesas.


Here’s how it rendered out.


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