Work in Progress, Part 4

Fantasy Castle

So last time we saw my castle piece, I had finished modeling it.


For the look of the castle I wanted a combination of a Middle Eastern and Florence Renaissance inspired designs.


Here you can see what I worked out for the textures.


To give the buildings some breakup in the facades and how the light hits the surface I’ve created bump and spec maps. Below is an example of the main building’s color, spec, and bump map.

Image converted using ifftoany

I didn’t overwork on the spec and bump maps since I knew for this painting the camera was to stay at a certain distance away.

Here you can see how that affects the overall look of the object. It give some subtle breakup and changed how the light plays on the forms.


The mountains still need some attention. I’ve been going back and forth if I wanted these to stay more in the Arizona buttes look or a more mountain type with grass and trees growing on them to add some lushness to the piece.


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