Work in Progress, Part 3

Fantasy Castle

So, now I need to flesh out my castle itself. I need to figure out it’s structure and layout. My original Concept looks like this.

castle_sketchI need to figure out it’s form. I usually compile a large folder of reference images. I’ll scour the web and my reference library (physical books and what I’ve got on my computer). I’m looking for any and all inspiration, whether real historical places or other concepts from movies and games. Then I will compile a reference sheet that have various elements I may want to incorporate.

ref_sheet1Some I’ll use and some I won’t.

ref_sheet2Now I’ll do a quick doodle on top of my existing concept.

castle_sketch_detailsIt’s still very loose. I want to keep it that way until I begin modeling in Maya. There I’ll flesh out the main Castle structure. Now I don’t want all of the buildings to be the same but at the same time I don’t want to waste time hero modeling each building.

castle_componentsI came up with four building types that I could use over and over along with a perimeter wall with turret for interest. I still kept the models very simple in detail with only it’s silhouette reading nicely. I stayed within Maya for the modeling and uv layout.

Here is the final layout of the castle structure.

castle_layoutNow to texture it!

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