Day to Day

Thanks everyone for tuning in last week. It means a lot.

Working 9 to 5….or am I?

So the hardest part of working from home is settling into a routine. My day is totally up to me now, but does that mean non-stop work at the computer or turn into couch potato mode. My first two weeks were I took it as a vacation with some light work; Organizing files on the computer, Looking some tutorials, purchasing some more software, etc. I also find my day is more flexible which is great. If I say meet a friend for coffee during day, I make up the time after supper that day. As long as I work a solid 8 hour day I succeeded in putting in a full days work.

To do or not to do

How to start the day, I make daily “To Do” lists. These are marked on scrap paper I cut up into quarters and keep in a stack on my desk.


These lists range from work related to errends I need to make. I have tried software to makes it more official, but for some reason the immediacy of scribbling on paper and seeing the list on my desk has always worked well for me.

Smaller and smaller chunks

For larger tasks, I use excel or google docs to keep track of and note progress.


I will then break down larger task into smaller bite size chunks. For instance, I am working on a fantasy type castle Matte Painting.


So once draw up the sketch and finalize my composition now I need to break down the work needed to complete the piece. I decided I need to finish this piece by the end of month. I have 2 ½ weeks left to complete it. I broke down the work and what I wanted to learn while doing this piece. I knew I wanted to do this in 3d software, with Maya being my primary application. Other applications I wanted to delve into were Zbrush, Mari, and World Machine. I assigned tasks in each with a time line to complete them. Since I was learning new software I gave myself more time plus I needed to watch some tutorials on the applications as well.

Next week, I will go over this castle project in more detail and you can see the progress of it.

3 thoughts on “Day to Day

  1. Great post! It’s funny that I have on my todo list to write a blog post about my day to day. I was going to write that one today, but decided to push it off until next week because I have another idea for this week. I know you like your paper todo list, but I have found that I like the app Todoist. It is on all my devices, so I always have it with me to add to it, or check off items. Plus it works great for reoccurring tasks, or tasks in the distant future. Working from home it is so important keeping on track, and have a routine. We should meet up for lunch sometime, and catch up.

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